Research interests

Materials Microscopy

 - Use of microscopy, specially optical and scanning electron to the 
characterization of electrical materials: conductors, insulators and 
 - BibMic - A Bibliography of Books Relating to Materials Microscopy - 
Version II - Materials Characterization 36(1996)105
Version III is on the Internet,
and can be searched for Author, Title and Keyword

Assessment of degradation and ageing of insulating materials

 - Assessing degradation of thermostabilized papers in transformer 
insulation by furfural analysis (with R.M.Morais, and in collaboration 
with LCIE (France) and CEPEL (Rio de Janeiro)).
 - Use of neural networks to monitor and estimate ageing of insulating 
materials in hydrogenerators (With H.Gleizer, and in collaboration with 
CEPEL (Rio de Janeiro) and RPI (USA))