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The undergraduate course in Materials Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro educates individuals to work in different sectors of industry, services, certification, testing, besides research and development. Our department also encourages and prepares those aiming to follow an academic and scientific career in the field of Materials Sciences and Engineering.

The graduated materials engineers from our school possess a strong and solid technical and scientific training that enables them to pursuit any area related to materials engineering, including those regulated by Engineering and Agronomy Federal Council (CONFEA) and that gathers activities that include manufacturing, transformation, selection, specification and development of ceramic, polymeric, composite and metallic materials for a wide range of applications.

Practical examples involving materials engineering activities that require the knowledge of ceramic, polymeric, composite and metallic materials can be found in a variety of industry sectors (mechanical, aerospace, naval, energy, agriculture, mineral, electrical, electronics, etc.), in design and consulting companies, in research and development, in higher education and in offices of the government (such as the National Development Bank, various Ministries, Defense Sector, State and Federal Regulatory Agencies, etc.).